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Healthy hair begins from the inside.

Hair is the Barometer of our Health

At FullerHairToday we approach hair loss solution holistically. We study the whole body systems, identify the root cause of hair loss, analyze the scalp & hair to give you the best unique plan to manage your hair and cover up thinning areas.

Trichology is the science of hair 

Scalp Micro Pigmentation is a cosmetic cover up

Naturopathic Medicine Shelf

Hair & Scalp Analysis 

Do you have hairloss? Are you losing hair or shedding? Blame the genetics or act to UNDERSTAND why your hairloss/shedding is going on and HOW to manage it?

Cosmetic cover-up for thinning areas in men and women

Have a thinning hair and tired to use hair fibers or other camouflage techniques? Find out how SMP can and Will help you?

Good Stuff for your hair & scalp

Our approach is Holistic. All our recommended products are coming from nature, ingredients found in your home, or customized combinations recommended by our Tricohologist.

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For additional info on all things related to hair health, get in touch today.

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