Hair Regrowth

Fuller Hair Today Can Help With Hair Regrowth With Holistic Hair Loss Treatment.

Holistic hair loss treatment is the treatment of the hair starting with the whole system. If you want to have the best hair possible you have to be in great health, address any underlying issues, and receive the treatment for any problems that are causing the thinning or complete loss. Even if your hair is simply brittle and dry holistic treatment can be effective for improvement before the situation gets even worse.

Until you get in for your appointment here are a few tips that will likely help you improve your hair condition from home until we can get to the root of your hair loss causes and help you find a permanent solution or cure.

Tips for healthy hair from home:

  • Cull any hair care products that you are not confident of. Ingredients matter. We carry a line of hair care products you can go ahead and start with while you wait for your consultation.

  • Inflammation is a serious problem in the entire body system and it is common as we age. Go on an anti-inflammation diet for change in appearance and health.

  • Take it easy on your hair. Proper care includes brushing but be gentle, do not overdo it, take your time. Also, do not brush your hair while just out of the shower. Or at least take extra precautions if you brush while wet.

We look forward to meeting you during your hair analysis appointment and beginning on the journey to healthier fuller hair and hair regrowth in your future.


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