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Fuller Hair Today provides both hope and real results for those who have been struggling with hair loss or hair thinning. You do not have to accept what is happening with your body you can turn to the professionals in hair science for care. We believe that a healthy body equates to healthy hair and you will receive care that may have the side effect of improving your skin and energy levels as well as your hair if the cause of your hair loss tracks back to a deeper cause within the body system. Schedule an appointment at one of our two convenient locations to learn more about us and to get on the path to increased vitality in your hair and possibly body.

Androgenic alopecia is hair loss that affects males or females across the globe. For some, it is permanent and irreversible. For those people, we offer help in the form of scalp micropigmentation, cosmetic care, and improvement of existing hair. For those who have hair loss that is not irreversible, we attack the issue full force with everything we have in the medical and scientific world. From serums, conditioners, addressing underlying health issues, and more. Find out exactly how we help treat hair loss with a hair and scalp analysis appointment. We are not hairstylists who are here to give you a flattering cut in hopes of hiding the issue for a few moments. (Those people are skilled artists, but we go deeper.) We are researchers who understand how hair growth works and want to solve the mystery of why it does not for some people. If you are feeling unattractive lately, schedule an appointment and go forth with a team of professionals on your side to improve your hair growth and appearance.


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